How to Drunk shopping could be a $45 billion industry

How to Drunk shopping could be a $45 billion industry

Our latest survey of purchasing alcoholic beverages indicates that it is typically much more expensive than we thought.

A 2018 survey of 1,000 people showed that Americans who shop under the influence spent more than $ 40 each time they went to Amazon, with gin drinkers driving to $ 82 before that. We have learned that even teenagers who abuse alcohol (Perverted because they are underage) Often online and spend money while noisy.

Now, a new and even bigger survey by The Hustle of over 2,000 U.S. readers shows that people who drink and shop around $ 444 per year spend about $ 444 a year drunk shopping. Millions, and as you can probably guess, Amazon is the big winner in all of this.

Of the 2,174 survey respondents, 79% said they made at least one online purchase while drunk. Clothing and shoes were the most frequently purchased items, although 53% of respondents identified them as men. (Wait a minute, men might enjoy shopping under the right conditions!)

The survey was conducted over a week in March, with the average respondent aged 36 and earning relatively high $ 92,000 (enough to alleviate shoppers’ remorse). They shop 2% more drunk than men, and millennials and people who make more than $ 100,000 are the most likely to buy drunk. Still, 69% of Boomers’ Boomers indulge in entertainment. (And most spend), along with 68% of those earning less than $ 25,000 per year.

When The Hustle was categorized by occupation, they found that people working in sports, transportation, oil and energy, employment and marketing were among the most binge-loving, with people from writing, art, education, engineering, computer engineering, and education. Retailers, to say the least. For example, only 60% of writers are drunk to buy online, The Hustle suggests, possibly because these jobs tend to fall into the low-income category.

The survey also asked what people drink while buying. But the results vary by gender. In general, liquor is the most popular type of shopping fuel. (With whiskey being the most common), followed by beer and wine. And those who drink and shop tend to drink almost twice as often as those who do it. However, at 10 drinks a week, drunk shoppers are still in the range. “Low risk” of regular drinks per week

The geographic data from the survey also provided unexpected data. If we asked you to guess which states in the United States had the most drunk shoppers, would you guess Connecticut and Kentucky? Not me, but the country that led the group.

As for the site that shoppers like to drink, Amazon is the most popular. Despite allowing multiple choices, 85% of drunk shoppers labeled Amazon as their favorite website, while eBay ranked second with just 21%. Etsy, Target and Walmart were drunk, for example. together

The fun starts with reports of what people buy online. This might explain why people choose Amazon, as their return policy seems to be the best. (It depends on the seller) Would you like to collect a 10-foot, 200-pound bamboo stick or a $ 2,200 night vision goggles? In fact, it seems that people, as respondents, report feeling a little regret after their drunk shopping, with only 6% feeling drunk from shopping and reporting a 20% return.

The survey did not use a scientific method or a representative picture of the American people. (These are The Hustle readers, who cater to those who read articles on bargains.) Yet, they provide some insights into drinking behavior, use of digital devices under the influence and dependence of people. Amazon people and even potential drug use problems that health professionals (Or maybe a financial planner)

It’s also worth considering how e-commerce is taking advantage of intoxicated shoppers, or research like this can convince marketers to get started.

At the same time, it was less sympathetic to the 30 sports analysts who attracted 100,000 and bought their expensive sneakers online after a few inches of Scott. But unscientifically inaccurate surveys can help us formulate better questions for future research. In this kind of behavior

When Justin Timberlake took the stage during the 2018 Super Bowl halftime, Ryan Green was deep inside his third IPA at home in Vegas.

It might be the sound of a bitter hop, a bar bell or a sleepy pop star’s bell, but Greene felt “cool”. At one point, he walked into a full-capacity bathroom and went on a date on tour. Googled Timberlake on his phone.

On a damp work surface amid a sea of ​​plump Brady blazer for panties, he paid the contents of his wallet and received two tickets for $ 165 each to see JT in the flesh.

We recently surveyed more than 2,000 American adults who consume alcohol and found that drunk shopping is estimated to be worth about $ 45 billion a year.

Who is not drunk for shopping? What are they buying? Where did they buy? And will e-commerce simplify the process for a new, miserable consumer?

First, a quick note on the methodology: The data presented is based on the Hustle survey of 2,174 readers who consumed alcohol from March 11-18, 2019. He’s $ 92,000 (more than twice the national average) and males are slightly more inclined (53%) than females (47%). The information presented is not final or conclusive. However, it still provides an interesting overview of the drunken shopping market.

Women (80%) are slightly more likely to drink drunk than men (78%). This makes sense because women generally shop more than men, especially online.

Drunk shoppers are also more likely to be younger. Millennials are 13% more than baby boomers, possibly due to the rise of e-commerce. (We’ll explain later)

It also appears that some professionals are more likely to shop drunk than others.We limit our data to the jobs with the highest response rates, and then spread the five industries that are most likely and least likely to buy.

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